Guzzle Less Fuel, Please

Friday, June 6, 2008

I've only been in LA for a week, and I've observed that, when it comes to gas and fuel consumption, people in Los Angeles worry about it as much as we do back in the Philippines.

Unlike the Philippines, however, there seems to be a more active effort to get people to reduce their daily gas use- there are more hybrid cars like Priuses and Scions in the freeway, I noticed. Working from home and telecommuting are actually encouraged. And the government and local media groups, even private citizen organizations, are doing a more concerted effort in getting everyone else more involved in fuel conservation.

At least that's how I feel. The Philippines has quite a way to go as far as rallying the citizenry to action is concerned.

Fortunately, there are a few companies who have made some bold steps forward.

Take a look at this one particular car manufacturer: Honda launches VCM 643. I appreciate it that Honda Philippines has come up with engines that give consumers that are not only more significantly deliver more power, but also has less emissions and is considerably a lot more fuel-efficient.

The Variable Cylinder Management technology (thus, VCM) developed by Honda is a big deal. According to the website:

The i-VTEC Variable Cylinder Management™ system enables the engine to switch between six, four and three cylinder operation.

While the engine is under light load such as moderate acceleration or steady cruising, it deactivates cylinders #3 and #4 in both front and rear banks, running the engine with the remaining four cylinders.

And during low speed cruising and descending, the #'s 1, 2 and 3 cylinders in the rear bank are deactivated maintaining 3 cylinders running the engine.

This 6-4-3 process improves the overall fuel economy while maintaining the high power output expected from a V6 engine.
It's really not just a good thing- I believe it's mandatory for all companies to take the lead in providing consumers, at the very least, options for more efficient- if not lower- fuel consumption. I feel it's a social responsibility now, and I say to these companies who actually make an effort to do so: keep up the good work, you have my support, and you will have my business.

So here's what I say: use less fuel. Travel less, if it's possible. Carpool whenever you can. Buy locally. If you run a business, encourage telecommuting. Or if you can, work at home altogether. Support companies that make an effort in making fuel consumption more efficient. And tell people all about it.

Cheers, everyone!


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