7 Websites For Finding Property in the Philippines

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Philippine real estate online, with Renzie Baluyut.

As a relative newcomer in the Philippine real estate circle (yes, I'm a noob.), research plays an important part in my development.

The internet holds so much free and reliable information on just about anything, including properties in Metro Manila, as well as all over the Philippines.

You have all sorts of Philippine properties online as well- houses and lots, condominiums, apartments, foreclosed properties, beachfront properties, gated communities, office spaces, commercial properties and buildings of all kinds, even club memberships, and vacation resort memberships.

Personally, I'm in the market for a couple of Metro Manila properties. I'd have to go for something rent-to-own, rather than something just for rent, or for sale, but that's just my preference.

Let me share with you seven websites that have a fairly good selection of properties for rent, sale, or for lease not only in Metro Manila, but also in other parts of the country:

  • AyosDito.ph. AyosDito.ph sells all kinds of things, from cars, to personal effects, to even gadgets and electronics. Of course, they have a fairly extensive listing of properties in the Philippines, organized according to region, so you can browse through all kinds of condos, apartments and houses depending on what province you're going for.
  • MoveInTheCity.com. While MoveInTheCity.com seems more like a directory for transients and all sorts of accomodations and rooms for rent, it also has a good listing of all kinds of properties, not just in Metro Manila, but in other key cities around the country including Cebu, Baguio, Davao, etc.
  • Sulit.com.ph. Sulit.com.ph is another free online classified ads site for the Philippine market. What I do like about the site is that it keeps track of the ads you have recently browsed through so you can easily come back to them on your next visit.
  • Classifiedsph.com. Another free online ads service. I haven't personally had the chance to browse through this site yet, but right off the bat, you could see the most recent ads put up, from property to concert tickets, to vehicles for sale- pretty much everything you can expect to see in a classified ads service.
  • FindProperty.ph. On the plus side, everything on FindProperty.ph is all real estate- apartments, houses, condominiums, commercial properties, etc. You can easily navigate properties by location, if you're either buying or selling, or if you're even looking for timeshares or foreclosed properties.
  • Bahay.ph. Aside from being the real estate-oriented free online classifieds, bahay.ph also puts the spotlight on real estate agents and brokers. You can even leave messages for these agents and brokers, if that's the way you want to play.
  • iProperty.com.ph. Another online directory for real estate agents and brokers and all kinds of Philippine properties. It has a listing of the most popular properties, as well as the most sought after agents and brokers, on top of the usual most recent listings, quick location searches, and others.
Do you have your own favorite Philippine real estate websites as well? Please, do share.

Our next post will be top-of-mind real estate developers in the Philippines and Metro Manila.

Cheers, everyone!


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