Looking Back Fondly at 2007, pt.2.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

This is a continuation of the earlier blog entry, Looking Back Fondly at 2007, pt.1. I've covered January to March in the first part, so now we try to cover the rest with this post.


At this point, I suppose I've already had my fill of fun, so by mid-April, I thought it would be a great idea to get my house in order.

Specifically, it meant having a positive cash flow, whether through a business or a regular job. After all, my savings wouldn't last forever.

I was seriously eyeing opportunities in Singapore- which really was a great place to start fresh. I also considered setting up a couple of businesses- something to call my own, and something that can capitalize on my skills, talents and contacts.

While I started to toy with several ideas, there was nothing definite yet. But I had to figure something out quickly, and get the show on the road.

I also took the time to start working out, and so Cristina and I enrolled at a gym. Probably one of the best decisions we've ever made.


May 2007 saw a lot of jobhunting. I was targetting BPO/KPO companies, as well as multinationals. Eventually, I landed a job as a copywriter/researcher for an Australian company called Trixan. Seemed promising enough at the start, with an adequate package and enough free time to allow me to work out and do the other things I wanted to do.

As for my businesses, one was going to be a travel agency. Another was going to be a marketing communications company.

There were a couple other projects I wanted to get off the ground, but I suppose they could wait for now. After all, I only have so much time on my hands.


And so I worked on the papers for my two new companies- OceanBlue Tours, Transport and Travel Marketing, interMedia Strategic Marketing Solutions. and Felt great to finally be a small business owner.

The plan was to slowly build them up- and launch them by the 4th quarter of 2007. It was at this point that I started to get into New Media and Internet Marketing once again.

My stint as a professional content developer seemed to be working out alright.

On a sidenote, I've injured my left arm working out. Probably over-exerted myself some.


On top of my writing/editing duties for Trixan, management thought it would be a great idea to have me do more Search Engine Optimization efforts for the Trixan websites. I realized then that SEO was definitely a lucrative and marketable craft, and I was just all too happy to be at the forefront of it all.

To hone my writing chops some, I started a couple of blogs, and discovered that it was something I could really get into. Didn't occur to me at the time that you can blog professionally though :).


August saw the "unholy" alliance of my fellow Trixan writers and myself. I suppose we were all entrepreneurs at heart, really. So after some venting and scheming, and dreams of world domination, Money Talks! was born.

Initially Money Talks! was an effort of my marketing communications company, interMedia Strategic Marketing Solutions. But it started to pretty much have a life of its own, so in short order my partners and I decided to turn it into a separate company altogether- an events group nicheing on entrepreneurial workshops and seminars.

Was still doing SEO work and content development stuff for Trixan, though things weren't looking well for their local business partner here, a BPO/KPO provider known as Global Sky- for me (and several others), it seemed to be more of a fly-by-night operation, and many of the employees simply weren't happy.

Still, as long as it didn't interfere with our work, I really couldn't care less.


I knew by this time that I wouldn't be staying with Trixan for long- so I started stepping up efforts with my other projects, specifically my blogs, businesses and other efforts.

Fortunately, though quite unexpectedly, an FM radio station contacted me and we started to talk about doing work together. That station turned out to be 105.1 Crossover, and we started tossing around some ideas and doing exploratory talks.

It was at this point that I decided to immerse myself in learning more about New Media, Blogging and Internet Marketing- to the point of making a viable career out of them.

The Money Talks! workshops and seminar series would help our new entrepreneurial endeavors, and would help make things happen for us. Later on, it did.


The very first "Blogging For Money" was quite an eye-opener; it completely convinced me that professional blogging is definitely the way to go. Although our event didn't do as well as we had hoped (because of the explosion at Glorietta the day before), it gave the group valuable field experience.

Also, I officially joined 105.1 Crossover as its new program director. I suppose radio really is in my blood. No matter how I try to re-invent myself, the industry somehow manages to pull me back in.


I turned 34 this month. Unlike my other birthdays, I feel strangely fulfilled this year: so many changes, yet the changes were all good. I have a lot of things to show for this previous year, and it looks like another promising year.

But I decided to re-organize my life once again; though two full-time jobs were bringing in quite an amount of money, the truth is, it can really work a number on your well-being. It's not doing well for my work-life balance.

So I decided to let go of the Trixan job. I thought I could now pursue my pro-blogging interests- and thus write about stuff that really matters to me- you know, fun stuff. I could still do SEO and SEM on the side, as they work really well with blogging.

Money Talks! had its second "Blogging For Money" workshop. This time, it was at The Podium, and we were so much happier with the turnout.

At this point, I decided to reposition interMedia as a New Media company- one that aims to synergize New Media efforts with traditional. It's gonna be awesome.

News comes in from my folks in the US: Dad has been diagnosed with Stage IV cancer, and is not expected to live long.


Mom and Dad wants us to spend Christmas together. So we went ahead to work on our US Visas. Seems they were giving out 5- and 10-year multiple entry Visas at the embassy. My brother and I each get a 10-year. Nice.

In short order, we get tickets to LA. I had myself booked for a flight back before the New Year.

Nevertheless, we've been able to spend time together as a family for the first time in fifteen years. Everyone was happy; I try not to be overly moved by the drama of it all, but it was totally awesome. I'm not discounting the fact that I'll be moving to the US in the not-too-distant future, with Cristina and God willing, our two lovely kitties- the Chloe and the Noobie.

Final Words.

So yeah, there's 2007 for you. Just like good little soldiers, we move on and concentrate on the task at hand: the here and now.

Here's wishing a productive and prosperous 2008 for everyone- may it not only bring you good fortune, but also give you the opportunities to make things happen for you.

Cheers everyone!

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