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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Can you believe it? My whole day was pretty much spent on fickle-mindedly going through different Blogger/Blogspot templates for one of my blogs.

I'd have to say my benchmark design would be something like this one, on this blog, "Blog. Blogger. Bloggest!"- a design I'm totally happy with; a template I see myself using for quite a long while.

It would seem that I have a preference for the 3-column variety of templates. I think the issue was more of trying to find the right design that looks nice, but at the same time is also functional enough to accommodate a particular load-out of widgets.

I suppose I'm just at a point where I'm trying out putting in all kinds of widgets only to see if it's something that works for me or something I really need.

End result: I'm still not entirely happy with the design on my other blog, "My Thoughts In Stereo". It's adequate for now, but somehow it doesn't seem to have the same clean design as "Blog. Blogger. Bloggest!"

Well, in a way, that's the beauty of Blogger/Blogspot- it's very easy to just chuck out a design and pick from any of the templates they've supplied, or you can go ahead and search for other free templates online. There really is a wide variety available, and when there are just so many to choose from, it's likely you'll end up trying out all kinds of templates until you finally stick to one.

It's already 7pm, and I have to get moving for a dinner date- so I suppose the quest for the next best template will have to wait 'til tomorrow.

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