Got Plans For The Holy Week?

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I'm the kind of guy who'd like to take the opportunity to do some reflecting for The Holy Week- not just about spiritual stuff, but to really have a good look at where I am right now, what kind of direction I'm headed and what my more immediate action plans are.

Incidentally, Holy Week this year is just a mere 3 weeks away, with Maundy Thursday falling on March 20 and Good Friday on the 21st. Easter Sunday happens on the 23rd.

See, in the Philippines, Holy Week is a time when the city streets look like its something straight out of I Am Legend- the whole place is deserted as everyone has either left town or gone book themselves up in a hotel for several nights.

Me, I'm not a huge fan of going out of town when everybody else is cramming their cars into the North or South Expressways. Staying home is OK, but I'd really rather make some plans if I can.

So this year, I plan to stay in a hotel. Only because I'd like to take my laptop with me, maybe a couple of good books, and use all that time to get some writing done- let all the thoughts flow, you know? And get them all down on Notepad, then publish it online.

I've decided that I might check out Legend Hotels this year. Sure there are lots of value hotels in the Philippines, but I've checked out their website-, and the place looks alright. They even have this special promo: The Legend Villas' Family Weekend Package, which seems reasonably priced for a small family or group of friends.

The rates are currently pegged at php2970 net/night, inclusive of buffet breakfast for two, a 20% Discount at the Lola Maria Coffee Shop, business center and laundry services, as well as in-room coffee and tea. The promo is valid until 31 December 2008. I'm sure they have other things going on, so it's probably best to visit the website, give them a call, or drop by for a visit.

Sounds great- coz it means I don't have to spend hours in Holy Week out-of-town traffic but still have my quiet time for reflecting and stuff. I can take a dip in the pool if I feel like it, or just chill with some good reading and some easy listening, then just let the thoughts flow into my laptop.

Cheers, everyone!

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