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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Hello everyone.

Just to keep you posted on what's going on: I've been working on a few other blog projects, some for work and some for my own personal interests.

More notably, I've been putting more work on five other personal blogs:

1. The Life & Times of The Renzie Man. This particular blog toys around with the Wordpress publishing system. Not as user-friendly as Blogspot/Blogger, but it does have its charms. It's actually the closest thing I have to an actual online diary- the way blogs were supposed to be to begin with.

2. Renzie's Rants and Raves. Mostly about my recommendations on having fun, taking it easy, and other random things. It's all about reviews- more like a consumer-point-of-view take on dining out, spas, music, books, internet stuff, etc.

3. My Thoughts In Stereo! I figured I had to capitalize on my knowledge and expertise on all things music and radio- the site aims to have everything from music videos + lyrics, artist trivia, and even some insider info on the radio, recording and advertising industries.

4. Too Much TV! A lot of people tend to ask me if I know about when the latest Heroes episode is coming out, or what song was used on which episode of Gossip Girl, or who's that new chick playing Sarah Connor- so I decided to put this blog together and do a public service of sorts.

5. Renzie On Gaming. I gotta admit, a lot of my spare time is still spent playing PC games. Or probably more like, I make an effort to make more spare time to get my gaming fix. I feel that people need to get a Nintendo DS Lite rather than a PSP Slim. I still have to get my hands on an Xbox 360. In the meantime, I keep playing my World of Warcraft.

There are other blogs in the works. But these five are probably what's eating most of my time at the moment. They're all in varying stages of completion- I still have to lay in the codes to bookmark individual entries for del.icio.us/technorati/digg, etc. plug in the adsense, add a few more widgets, etc.

Which means there's still a lot of work to do. But you'll still be seeing me around here. More about that on my next post. Until then, keep on blogging!

Cheers, everyone!

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