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Saturday, December 22, 2007

It's actually been quite a while since I last blogged- almost two weeks ago, in fact.

First of all, I had some issues with my left hand. The base of my left thumb suddenly decided to have a case of ostreoarthritis (at least I thought that's what it was). It really wasn't so bad at first, until the swelling became worse- the fluids spread to the other 'compartments' of my hand, restricting movement, and causing quite an amount of pain in a few days. So for a while there I couldn't type very well, or play my PC games, or handle a guitar fretboard, or even hold an xbox controller. Effectively, I only had one functional hand/arm. At least it's all better now.

Then, I had to make preparations to go on a trip to be with my folks in Los Angeles. I was able to schedule my US Embassy interview, get my US visa (yay!), book my flights, and get things done at work for me to get here- all within two weeks.

So here I am, Day 2 of my stay with my folks here in L.A., typing away at this quaint little Italian Deli/Restaurant called Fratelli's (which I'll be reviewing separately on another blog)- all too happy to be back online, blogging away to my heart's content.

So many things have been going on, so many things to write about. Let's get back to business, shall we?

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