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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Here's something interesting: has released the 2007 Top Pinoy ProBloggers.

Can't get any heavier than that- what we have here are the most successful local bloggers around. They have their legions of adoring fans and readers, they got influence, they know how to market and monetize their blogs- truly inspirational for beginner bloggers like myself and many others.

Me, I just feel fortunate to have met some of these stellar individuals in person and even had had the chance to pick their brains some.

And yeah, I look forward to meeting the rest of them someday through some other blogging social of some sort. Or work with them. Or something. I'll work out the details some other time :)

In any case, you can read more about the selection process here, and how it was able to come up with this list.

Here's a summary of the chicks and dudes who made the list. Much deserved, ladies and gentlemen. Check them out here, if you wanna see their mugs too.

The 2007 Top Pinoy Pro-bloggers

1. Abe Olandres.,,,,,,
-personal note: we've had the pleasure of having Abe as our speaker for our "Blogging For Money" workshop series. Indeed, he da man!

2. Bryan Boy.

3. Carl Ocab.

4. Rhiza Sanchez., -personal note: caught her at this year's SEMCON, where she gave a very informative talk on advanced link-baiting techniques (I think...).

5. Eugene "Seav" Villar.,,
- personal note: met this dude at the b5media Bloggers' mix-up. Nice guy.

6. Eloisa "Bratyfly" Sergio & Jojo "Dyu".

7. J. Angelo Racoma.

8. Rickey Yaneza.,

9. Connie "Sassy" Veneracion.,,,,,

10. Kevin "Kiven" Codamon.,,,

11. Shai Coggins.,,,,,,
- personal note: met her at the b5media Bloggers' mix-up- in fact, she organized it!

12. Eric Salas.,

13. Sustines Laplana.,,,,,

14. Andrew dela Serna.

15. Karlo Licudine.

16. James Ryan Jonas.

17. Shari Cruz.

18. John "Jaypee" Habaradas.

19. Jayvee Fernandez.,,
- personal note: this dude gave a very entertaining talk on dealing with copywriters at the last SEMCON. plus he was at the eCommerista nights, as well as that last Bloggers' Mix-up night.

20. Noemi Lardizabal-Dado.,,,,,
- personal note: met her at the b5media Bloggers' mix-up- plus, she was nice enough to let me use some of her photos on this blog!

21. Marghil Macuha.,,

22. Tess Termulo.,

23. Melissa "ANP" Atienza-Petri.,,,,,,

24. Markku Seguerra.,,,,,,

25. Anton Diaz.

26. Julius Rocas.

27. Rico Mossesgeld.,,

28. Ruth Schaffer.,,,,,

29. Noel Bautista.,,,

30. Paolo Mendoza.

31. Richmond "Retz" Ruiz.,

32. Dexie Wharton.,,,,,,,

33. Mike Abundo.,,
- personal note: met this dude at the b5media Bloggers' mix-up. Nice guy.

34. Gloria Gamat.,,,

35. Sasha Manuel.,,,,,,
- personal note: met her at the b5media Bloggers' mix-up- in fact, she organized it along with Shai and the good people of b5media!


Grace Ibay, Elymar Apao (met this guy a few times: at the party, then again at the Bloggers' Mix-Up), Manuel Viloria (this dude I met at one of our talks on "Blogging For Money"), Ria Jose, Phillip Kimpo, Jr.

1 chicks and dudes said...:

Mike Abundo December 5, 2007 at 11:18 PM  

You're cool too, Renzie. :)

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