Improving Your Writing Style

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I've recently blogged about the sorry state of English among the vast majority of bloggers in the Philippines in another blog of mine.

I suppose that's one of the reasons why we tend to just choose a small number of blogs we keep coming back to, even if we've seen dozens or even hundreds of other bits of online work.

Remember that as bloggers, we are responsible for developing ourselves. We're author, publisher, editor and reviewer all rolled into one. Responsible blogging does call for an active desire to communicate as clearly as possible. You probably don't have to be a Palanca awardee like Butch Dalisay, but just good enough to at least have your own style and get your message across.

Here are some tips to improve your writing style as a blogger.

1. Read. Seriously, when was the last time you picked up a book? It's OK to read other blogs, a newspaper, or even a magazine- but there's something about an offline piece of hardcopy reading that focuses your attention right at it. Right now, I'm reading Jay Conrad Levinson's Guerilla Marketing- it's some really great stuff, especially if you're in the marketing business.

2. Write, and Keep Writing. The best writers had to start out somewhere- their writing skills weren't genetically engineered, or hardwired into their system. Just like any other skillset, you gain more proficiency the more you use it. There also has to be an active effort to improve your writing style- thus the importance of reading- because you'll need to draw inspiration from people better than yourself.

3. Interact With Others. You gain a lot through interaction. And it's really all about building relationships with others. We continue to learn through constant interaction. That book you read? That post you just wrote? Share it with others! Allow others to react to your work, or to your style of work.

4. Go Offline Too! You do realize there's a world out there, right? Live in it. Experience new things, and find new things you can be passionate about. Join others who share the same passion you have. And it's just so easy to write about things you deeply care about. Besides, it also makes for lots of great pictures!

What other tips can you share to help others develop a better writing style?

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