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Thursday, March 6, 2008

Hello everyone. Welcome to "Who Are The Bloggers In Your Neighborhood?" on "Blog. Blogger. Bloggest!"- this is where we get to meet some very interesting personalities in the local blogosphere.

Our first blogger is Cheftonio of By day, Cheftonio has a regular job just like everyone else. As a marketing executive, he's online a lot- mostly, to corner the internet for orders. He currently works for Binalot and Potato Corner at the Puregold on the corner of Araneta Avenue and E. Rodriguez Avenue in Q.C.

For now, at least. Cheftonio says, "In the future, I will be working for more franchised/owned stores and offer them my services."

So between then and now, Cheftonio has been doing a lot of blogging- all because he likes to write. He's been at it for a year now, and has blogs on travel, gadgets and lifestyle among other things.

But his main blog- Cheftonio's B Log- is more about politics. Something he definitely feels passionate about. Check it out- it has some interesting reads. Paints you a good picture of local politics if you need some brushing up.

Cheftonio The Blogger.

While Cheftonio blogs on both his PC and his laptop, he moves around a lot, and so prefers his lightweight Twinhead laptop. When not blogging, he likes meeting people, doing business, researching, and reading.

Chef uses Multiply and a lot, and admits that he'd like to learn more on generating traffic, link-building and monetization. As for SEO- he chooses to focus on content: just keep coming up with interesting and helpful articles.

I asked him if he knew of good places with free wi-fi, and he directed me towards a gadget blog- after a quick review, I figured the whole topic deserves a totally separate blog entry- which you can read here. Thanks, Chef.

Blogger Advice from Cheftonio.

"Just write whatever you want," he tells his fellow bloggers. "Make sure to mention them (your sources) if you are copy-pasting," he adds.

True enough- sometimes, we do see some bits of an article we wrote posted verbatim with even the exact same format on another blog. Proper blog etiquette dictates that, at the very least, cite your source and provide a link to the original text.

Even better, email the source- ask permission. You even get their blessings that way- and you gain more through interaction.

"Who Are The Bloggers in Your Neighborhood?" is an effort on "Blog. Blogger. Bloggest!" to help educate amateur bloggers and those new to the blogging lifestyle by introducing them to the more established personages in the local blogging scene. Drop on in from time to time to check out who we're featuring.

Cheers, everyone!

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